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Celebrating 6 years of excellence

Every year September is an important month for us. Not only because it marks our anniversary as one of the leading brands in spa industry but due to the fact that it gives us a sense of achievement for how far we have come and the desire to improve every year. We have 15 spa centers serving you across 3 important cities in the country and to imagine that 6 years ago we stared with only one is a sense of fulfillment as an organization.

We don’t just believe in celebrating anniversary achievements, we believe in celebrating goals and excellence with which we have taken our journey to the next level. Our corporate tie-ups and collaboration with the best in the market is a clear indication of where we plan to be in the future.

Our experts and the ever so satisfactory client testimonials about their experiences of our services are something we are proud of and will always thrive upon to be the best in the industry. We believe relaxation is a state of mind that can only be achieved with the right method and technique which we specialize in along with trust which the masses has put in us.

On this fine occasion of the sixth anniversary we believe that the toast belongs to both you & us and we pledge to put “you before us” because that’s what makes us special.

Please visit the nearest SukhoThai outlet to get anniversary special offers on all of services. And come celebrate with us. We are proud to serve you .