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In today’s fast pace world, where all of us live such busy lives with crazy schedules, it’s very rare to find some peace and quiet moment to just sit and relax or unwind by shutting your mind from any external stress. One of the best and easiest way to detoxify and enjoy your own “Me Time” along with some much needed TLC is a visit to a SPA.

Working Full time along with managing my Blog and Youtube Channel was actually getting a little mentally and physically draining for me. So when I actually got the opportunity to experience a relaxing Foot Massage at SUKHO THAI, I was beyond elated! After all this is probably one of those rare opportunities where ‘work meets pleasure’ 🙂

About Sukho Thai :

Born in 2010, Sukho Thai is India’s premier Foot Therapy brand inspired from the deeply rooted cultures of Thailand. The seemingly small nation has a great culture and is home to exotic fruits and flowers. The word ‘Sukho’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukh’ which connotes happiness and ‘Thai’ reflects its innate bond with Thailand. With over 15 outlets spanning across Mumbai, Pune and Goa, Sukho Thai is the first international foot massages spa chain to open a series of outlets in India.

My Experience with Sukho Thai

So I opted to experience the Service at the Andheri, Versova Outlet of Sukho Thai. Just as I stepped inside the Spa, I was greeted with warm and smiling faces of the staff. The ambiance was just perfect : with the fresh lemongrass fragrance engulfing me along with soft calming music playing in the background. I then and there knew the next 60 minutes of spa session was going to be a wonderful experience.

I was then asked to slip into comfortable slippers, and change into some comfortable top and pants provided by them so that I could be comfortable during my massage.






The massage that I was offered to experience was the Traditional Thai Foot Massage with Back, Head & Shoulder for 60 mins, they do have the same massage for duration of 30 mins, 90 mins and 120 minutes also. So you can choose to book a Session depending on the time you have.

How did my session go?

Well after I changed into those comfortable clothes, I was walked in to one of their cubicles , where I was asked to relax on a Recliner.

I was then offered a comfortable and soft blanket to keep myself warm.

The therapist then cleansed my feet in a vessel of hot water with rose petals and some liquid cleanser. After which my feet were dried with a towel, and then he warmed up my feet with some stretching and massage just to make it ready for the actually Foot massage which was to follow.

The actual massage was done using a balm starting from my feet till my knee. The massage was amazing as the therapist maneuvered his hands by applying gentle pressure and soft strokes. After the hand massage, the therapist then massaged the pressure points on my feet with the help of a stick.

It was actually such a relaxing feeling that the headache that I had on my way to the Spa that morning slowly vanished. My therapist then shared that each and every part in our body has a unique pressure point on our feet which when massaged can actually boost good health!

After which the therapist finished off the foot massage with some fragrant powder to get rid of any balm leftover on my feet. My feet were then wrapped inside a dry towel and then the therapist gave me a dry massage on my full legs and head, back and shoulder. This entire stretching and massage that he gave for my head, back and shoulder was actually the icing on the cake!!

My body and mind actually felt so relaxed and rejuvenated 🙂

Post the rejuvenating massage, I was served a bowl of Fresh Fruits with Ginger Tea and a damp roll of towel.





While I was having the fresh fruits I realized how relaxed and renewed every inch of my body felt and how much this 60 minutes of pampering was actually needed to not only rejuvenate my mind but also my body and soul. As sometimes it is necessary to take a break and unwind a bit to see life in general with a revived mindset.

These are the kinds of services offered by Sukho Thai :





They also do offer Unique Gift Cards that you can buy to gift someone you love. Check them out HERE. And also Corporate gift vouchers for companies, organizations and individuals. After all Spa Therapy Gifts are the best solutions as a business gift, incentives or rewards

I will highly recommend you all to try out at least one of the above range of  massage sessions and let yourself unwind in an air of peace and tranquility at the SUKHO THAI Luxury Spa.