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Our most popular unique Gift Cards for some one you love.

We Guarantee a memorable experience for your loved ones for this gift card.

A gift valued by everyone, no matter their taste and preferences. We offer corporate gift vouchers for companies, organizations and individuals. Spa Therapy Gifts are the best solutions as a business gift, incentives or rewards.

Simply you have to select a Spa Therapy from our wide option for gifting and make them Feel Happy. After selection you can see the other transaction details on the right side to proceed.

When this gift card is presented at any of the SukhoThai spa it will carry the value you purchase now or it will be valued for Therapy selected. In case any less value is used by the gift card holder, then remaining value is carried forward on this card.

Please Note :Spa Treatment will be provided subject to the Realisation of payment. Bank usually take 3 days from date of transaction to credit the amout to our account.