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My Sukho Thai spa experience|Review



So who doesn’t like a magical spa treatment?

Well, we all do right! And i was lucky enough to be invited by Sukho Thai to experience their foot massage service at the Bandra branch.

As you all know by now, along with being a beauty blogger & you tuber i am also a full time working mom. So you can imagine how hectic my life is!!

I highly believe that in spite of how hectic our work or personal life is, we all need a little special-me-time to pamper ourselves. This revives our mind & body from the stressful life we all live nowadays. And sukho thai is a perfect place for this……Believe me I left the spa with the most ecstatic & blissful feeling:)



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First I would like to tell you something about Sukho Thai : Born in 2010, Sukho Thai is India’s premier Foot Therapy brand inspired from the deeply rooted cultures of Thailand. The seemingly small nation has a great culture and is home to exotic fruits and flowers. The word ‘Sukho’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukh’ which connotes happiness and ‘Thai’ reflects its innate bond with Thailand. With over 15 outlets spanning across Mumbai, Pune and Goa, Sukho Thai is the first international foot massages spa chain to open a series of outlets in India.

What makes Sukho thia Special:

-Thai Trained Therapist Studio grade soundproof glass creates a Super Quite and Most Relaxing Ambiance

-Creams, Balms and Aroma oils specially manufactured for SukhoThai

-Exotic Fruits and Ginger Tea served after your therapy are specially imported

-Frequently visited by Women, Couples, Corporate, Expats, Businessmen, Socialites, Celebrities and all the Health conscious people.

Finally let’s talk about my Sukho Thai experience:

The moment I entered Sukho Thai i was attended immediately. Their ambiance was very soothing and calm, with low dim light setting,  thai lemon grass aroma fragrance all around & soft Chinese music( like u hear in old chinese movies)

They gave me a pair of slip-on Sukho Thai slippers & loose pants to change in. My personal belongings were kept carefully in a bamboo basket. The helper escorted me to a room which had recliner chairs. I was given a comforting blanket & cushions.

Firstly the therapist brought a huge bowl of warm water. He then washed my feet with herbal liquid soap & patted them dry.  After which my legs were massaged with a cream for around 30 mins, followed by a Thai acupressure massage. The therapist used a tool to acupressure underneath my feet. It felt really relaxing & i actually wanted to go to sleep but i struggled & managed to keep my self-awake, so that i could see the whole procedure & mention all info in this post.

After the massage my legs were wrapped in a towel. Finally there was a stretching session for legs, back, hands and neck. This part mainly consisted of a lot of different stretching styles. I could actually hear crackling sound from my back & could feel all the stiffness & tension relived.

The complete massage session lasted for around 60 mins And at the end of the massage i was served some hot ginger tea with fruits.




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I personally loved this complete massage therapy & highly recommend all women and men to try this out. Go give yourself some special-me-time & feel amazing. Sukho Thia offers many different types of massages & services. And here’s a link to their website SUKHO THAI