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I am sure you all have guessed by the title about this post. So, i was invited by Sukho Thai Spa to try out the services at their Andheri Versova Branch.  I am quite lazy to get any kind of spa done, but i now realise Spas really help in calming you down and it is also a way of maintaining hygiene especially in monsoon.


Born in 2010, Sukho Thai is India’s premier Foot Therapy brand inspired from the deeply rooted cultures of Thailand. The seemingly small nation has a great culture and is home to exotic fruits and flowers. The word ‘Sukho’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukh’ which connotes happiness and ‘Thai’ reflects its innate bond with Thailand. With over 15 outlets spanning across Mumbai, Pune and Goa, Sukho
Thai is the first international foot massages spa chain to open a series of outlets in India


Ambience: When i reached Suko Thai.. i felt at peace.. their ambience is so soothing and calm..low light setting with thai aroma fragrance all around..  made me feel relaxed. Unfortunately due to low light setting i couldn’t really take good pictures.

Procedure: When i reached there.. they gave me garments to change and a bamboo slip on (looked liked Osho Slippers). I was then taken  to their spa section. They have huge recliner chairs where i was made to sit. Suko Thai has various foot and body massage therapies.

I opted for their traditional foot massage:

Duration: 1hr

Price: Rs 1890 inclusive of all taxes

Firstly they washed my legs with warm water infused with rose petals. The therapist then cleaned my foot with herbal liquid soap.  After which my  legs, foot and calf muscles were massaged with a herbal cream for around 15 mins, followed by  thai accupressure treatment for 20 mins . The therapist used a long stick made of stone to activate all pressure points of legs and foot. I literally slept off during the treatment as it was so relaxing. I could actually feel all tiredness and fatigue being driven away. After the treatment  my legs were wrapped in warm towel. Finally i  was given a nice back and head massage for nearly 20 mins. The massage helped in removing all stiffness due to muscle tension. At the end of the massage i was served some ginger tea and fruits to improve blood circulation.


Staff: The staff was very good and well trained in giving the treatment/ therapy.



Final Recommendation: They have various therapies that can opted as per one’s requirement and need. I personally enjoyed the traditional foot spa therapy. I will suggest all my followers to go and get a massage from Suko Thai. I am personally wanting to try out their other  therapies.