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FEET – Usually they are only two hardly noticed Body Parts of our everyday life. Even if we do not have them in view (presumably because they are the furthest distant parts away from our eyes), they still play a Very important day-to-day role!

Our entire body load rests on them and our toes always ensure the necessary balance. There are more sense cells in our soles than in our face. In the “double pack” our feet provide support, balance and agility.

FACT: Our feet are a true masterpiece of evolution: it can hold up to a ton of weight! Did you know that our feet will carry us approximately three times around the world in the course of our lives, and we go between 8,000 and 11,000 steps a day?

In view of such figures, I find that our feet have earned loving attention and regular care. A beautiful foot bath, a small massage, careful nail cutting and soothing natural care products – regularly applied, have a real miracle.

Regular running around, long shoot hours and daily Chores get my feet SORE and TIRED, that’s why Last Saturday I decided to give them 60 mins of well-deserved Pamper !!!


I visited one of the most Trusted and spoken about SUKHO THAI SPA. It was my 1st time in this spa, but the choice was easy to make because of all the amazing reviews and the great option of choosing my preferred outlet close to my home.

As I reached, I was welcomed with lot of warmth by the staff , a steaming cup of Jasmine green tea and the whole ambiance instantly induced a sense of tranquility (defiantly the soft music , dim candle lit rooms and the lemongrass aroma).


As I quickly changed into their special culottes (knee – length Palazzo) from Thailand , I was guided to my chair and opted for SUKHO THAI’s new FOOT MASSAGE WITH SCRUB, soon my massage started off with light reflexology.


My exhausted feet were 1st scrubbed with Apricot and lotus scrub for about 20 mins, then followed with a hot Towel wrap Reflexology.
Next , the scrub was removed with dipping my feet in rose water and light massage , my feet already felt relaxed and rejuvenated , especially after the warm towel wrap.


Next up was the hot aroma oil massage along with stick Acupressure – The massage was very relaxing which lasted for about 30 mins, the masseuse specially concentrated on the pressure points, and I did feel pain initially in the areas I didn’t realize were sore, but as he progressed with the massage, the pain vanished and my feet felt well rested and ready to take on the world.


I have been to a lot of spas, but trust me SUKHO THAI is defiantly one of the best by far. The beautiful hospitality, tranquil ambiance and a well-trained Masseuse gives it a 9 out of 10 in my Radar.

As briefed by my Masseuse
* Foot Massage with Scrub moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce new healthier and more radiant, silky smooth skin. Intensely, exfoliating your foot with Scrub help you to get rid of rough patches of hardened skin to leave soft, smooth and fragrant.
* Foot Massage with Scrub can relieve tired, achy feet and help to remove dead skin while nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. The most important part of a good exfoliating foot scrub is the exfoliating ingredient.
* Tired feet and legs find relief with our reviving Foot Massage Scrub elevation. Warm towels are applied first to soften the skin. Next, an all- natural therapeutic scrub provides maximum hydration and exfoliation to the feet, while aromatherapy blends of Lemongrass, Tea Tree Oil, Basil and Lavender essential oils help revive the skin. The therapy lasts for 60.
* Foot Massage with Scrubs can be used to rejuvenate the feet, enhance their look and feel and relieve pressure and pain.