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Sukho Thai Spa | Thai Traditional Foot Massage | Review



Last week was extremely stressful for me – the mother of all stressful weeks! I had to move out of my old place in Andheri to a new home. Well, I am still in Andheri and my new home isn’t too far from my previous house but packing, shifting, unpacking and settling into a new place can sometimes really take a toll on one’s health, body and mind. Especially in this deadly Mumbai monsoon and managing all of this while working 6 days a week! My current state of mind? I’m in dire need of a break!! But for me, one of the few things that can turn around a terribly stressful day is a relaxing pampering session. And that’s exactly why I happily said yes when I was invited to a foot massage at Sukho Thai Spa.




Located at High Street Phoenix, Sukho Thai Spa boasts to offer one of Mumbai’s best foot spas. I opted for the hour long Thai traditional foot massage. As soon as I entered, the receptionist gave me a brief idea on the massage and guided me to the changing room where I slipped into comfortable massage pants. Impressively, there was not much waiting time. I was brought inside by my therapist, Luno. The ambiance was soothing, thanks to the soft, dim lights, calm music and a nice scented aroma. The spa was extremely clean and hygienic, which was a big deal for me. And Sukho Thai therapists are very cautious when it comes to cleanliness and comfort. Luno really made me feel relaxed and was absolutely friendly.


img_3224-1                    img_3225






The massage began with a gentle cleansing of my feet with warm water. Post which, Luno started the actual oil massage. He did a brilliant job using techniques that were brought together to stimulate circulations and ease tensions of my feet, ankles, calves and knees. This lasted for approximately 30 minutes.



img_3230                          img_3238




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My legs were then wrapped inside a hot dry towel and Luno massaged my entire legs right from my toes till my thighs for another 15 minutes. I think I fell asleep because the massage was so good. But that’s not all! There was also a dry back, shoulder, neck and head massage for around 10-15 minutes. This came as a lovely surprise as I didn’t expect anything more than a foot massage. But like I said earlier, I really needed this relaxation!! In fact, the entire session left me feeling rejuvenated and relieved all the stress from my mind and body. To top it all, post the massage, I was served a cup of hot ginger tea and fresh fruits.



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I highly recommend you take an hour off from your busy schedule this week and try the Thai traditional foot massage at Sukho Thai Spa. They’ve got many branches – you can pick the closest Sukho Thai Spa near your home or workplace. Personally, I can’t wait to go back!!






Thai Traditional Foot Massage @ Sukho Thai Spa

Price: Rs 1890 including taxes
Duration: 1 hour
Includes: Back, Shoulder and Head Massage