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  • Spa Review – Foot Scrub + Massage at Sukho Thai by June Biswas

    Date : May 22, 2017

    Have you been to Sukho Thai? This Thai Foot Spa stands out of the crowd because of its unique therapies and is the first international foot massage spa chain in India which started in Mumbai 7 years ago. I absolutely love how relaxing and energizing their mass...
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  • Pure Skin Care Body Scrub for Glowing Skin

    Date : April 4, 2017

    During summer, the skin seems to lose its glow and tends to look pale. Summers often results into darkening of your natural skin. This dark layer forming over our skin layer is known as tan. Dealing with tanned skin can truly be frustrating. This is where ex...
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  • Body Massages: Refresh your entire Body

    Date : March 30, 2017

    Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, ...
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  • The Spa Edit by Blogger Dewanshi Gupta of The style Drug

    Date : March 10, 2017

    They say magic is in your body and Sukho Thai proves it well.  After a really long and hectic weekend, rejuvenation is what you crave for. Nothing can beat the power of spa. It was my first Spa experience with sukho thai and trust me it was everything i...
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  • Foot Massage with Scrub – Aromatic Scrubs to cleanse your feet

    Date : March 9, 2017

    Awaken your senses through a combination of aromatic scrub. Foot Massage with Scrub using natural products, cleanses and removes dead skin cells. Foot Massage with Scrub moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce new healthier and more radiant, silk...
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  • Foot Massage with Herb Bun – Select Herbs to nourish your senses

    Date : February 23, 2017

    Foot Massage with Herb Bun act in body at different vitality points to discharge muscles and unblock the vitality stream. The use of steam heated herbals for a Herbal Foot Massage compressed is now becoming a very popular add-on to traditional massage therapie...
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  • A visit to Sukho Thai by Blogger Pooja Sharma of The Fashion Chauvinist

    Date : February 20, 2017

    The universe gives you what you wish for . And it stands true to my recent visit to Sukho Thai , Chaturshingi branch Pune with being overloaded with work I was yearning for a me-time, a kind of self-pampering just then I was blessed by the surprise call from S...
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  • Sukho Thai : Finding inspiration in the deeper roots of Thai Culture

    Date : February 15, 2017

    The history of Thailand dates back to the first truly independent Thai kingdoms of Lan Na and Sukhothai. The kingdoms established highly developed societies in the north and central regions of Thailand in the 13th and 14th centuries. Founded by Khun Pha Muang ...
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  • Thai Foot Massage with Back, Head & Shoulder – A complete massage for Holistic Wellness

    Date : February 10, 2017

    A Back, Head & Shoulder Massage is a wonderful way to ease shoulder and neck tension while gaining a peaceful retreat from the outside world. Choose your desired level of pressure, whether you need a strong massage to relieve built up tension, or a gentle and ...
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  • Thailand – Finding inspiration in the deeper roots of Thai Culture

    Date : February 8, 2017

    The history of Thailand dates back to the first truly independent Thai kingdoms of Lan Na and Sukhothai. The kingdoms established highly developed societies in the north and central regions of Thailand in the 13th and 14th centuries. Founded by Khun Pha Mu...
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  • Hot Stones Foot Massage – A touch of warmth for a calming experience

    Date : February 6, 2017

    Create the ultimate spa relaxation with Hot Stones foot massage. This massage demonstrates the timeless healing technique of using Hot Stones with classic western massage techniques to increase the relaxation of massage and to improve energy flow. The combi...
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  • Sukho Thai Gift Cards – A Gift of Good Health

    Date : February 4, 2017

    Sukho Thai brings to you a healthy gifting alternative. Now you can help your loved ones pamper themselves with healthy Gift Cards: Credit card sized cards that can be redeemed at any of the Sukho Thai outlets. You can enjoy the choice of loading with any amou...
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  • What are the benefits of Body Massage?

    Date : January 17, 2017

    In this world full of worries and stress, there are many aspects of our life which cause distress. The worldly activities like relationships, office, work, partying even chilling out with friends causes some kind of worries. It not only strains our muscles but...
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  • Why Body Massages is an essential for your skin?

    Date : January 13, 2017

    The skin is the most jewelled possession of a women's body. It is probably treated as a different entity all together. She is caressed and taken care of like a baby. A spotless skin only adds joy to a woman's day. A little zit puts her in a fuss to cover it up...
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  • Why You Should Visit Sukho Thai Spa ?

    Date : January 10, 2017

    Living in the 21st century is no walk in the park. It is the ultimate test in achieving the right balance between work and rest. Our priorities get mixed up and we end up stressed with hardly any time to unwind. Long working hours and a busy lifestyle give way...
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  • Benefits of Sukho Thai Spa Therapies

    Date : January 9, 2017

    Our feet are home to around 7000 nerves which are connected to various parts all around the body. Rejuvenation becomes possible when these nerves are activated and stimulated. The pressure points found on the feet act as a passageway for healing the biological...
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  • Enjoy the winter of Pune with a soothing Thai Foot Massage

    Date : January 5, 2017

    Winters in Pune make you crave for warmth. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, piling on the blankets and diving into your favorite book or a movie is the obvious choice for many. But while you are at it, you are missing out on a lot. Your body might need a warm,...
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  • Thai Foot Massage: Your gateway to rediscover yourself

    Date : November 25, 2016

    Sukho Thai offers you a suite of foot massages inspired from the authentic resources of Thailand and their local culture. It applies the intelligence gained after eons of thorough research, through timeless techniques acquired from the masters to evoke you fro...
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  • Celebrating 6 years of excellence

    Date : September 22, 2016

    Every year September is an important month for us. Not only because it marks our anniversary as one of the leading brands in spa industry but due to the fact that it gives us a sense of achievement for how far we have come and the desire to improve every year...
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  • Knot a problem by Blogger Sasha of The Ardour

    Date : September 9, 2016

    After a long week of grueling workouts, and hours in front of the computer, the only thing that perks me up is usually a massage. I love massages; I could go for one weekly, and still never get tired of the whole routine. I usually opt for deep tissue massages...
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