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Review: Thai traditional foot massage at Sukho Thai

Mumbai in July is no different than Venice and last Saturday it was raining like cats and dogs. It had been a typically crazy and hectic week at work. I needed a massage really bad. So, I braved the weather and reached Sukho Thai’s centre at High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel, on a rain-drenched evening.


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I opted for the Thai traditional foot massage of one hour duration and changed into a comfortable pair of brown palazzo pants. My therapist Themso, a young cheerful boy, started off the massage by washing my feet, wrapping it up with a towel and massaging it dry. I was lying down on a comfortable recliner and the room was quite dark barring some dim yellow lights and candles. The set-up was really soothing.


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Themso then put some oil and massaged both the legs, while using acupuncture to highlight the pressure points. The massage made me fall half asleep. Then he put a pillow between my legs and massaged from the thighs to the heels. The best part is once we were done with the legs, he made me sit on a stool and massaged my back, head, hands and neck… it took all my stress away! Even though it’s called a foot massage, it included a nice back massage too and was totally worth the one hour.


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Not only that, after the massage, they served some piping hot and yummy ginger tea and fresh fruits. So, if you’re having a particularly hectic week at work, head to Sukho Thai for a relaxing evening, like I did. You can ask for Themso, even though I’m pretty sure all the therapists are equally skilled. You won’t regret it.





What: Thai traditional Foot massage

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Rs. 1890 (including taxes)

Address: Skyzone, Level 1, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013