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Foot Massage with Scrub

Awaken your senses through a combination of aromatic scrub.Foot Massage with Scrub using natural products, cleanses and removes dead skin cells.

Foot Massage with Scrub moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce new healthier and more radiant, silky smooth skin. Intensely, exfoliating your foot with Scrub help you to get rid of rough patches of hardened skin to leave soft, smooth and fragrant.

Foot Massage with Scrub can relieve tired, achy feet and help to remove dead skin while nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. The most important part of a good exfoliating foot scrub is the exfoliating ingredient.

Tired feet and legs find relief with our reviving Foot Massage Scrub elevation. Warm towels are applied first to soften the skin. Next, an all- natural therapeutic scrub provides maximum hydration and exfoliation to the feet, while aromatherapy blends of Lemongrass, Tea Tree Oil, Basil and Lavender essential oils help revive the skin. The therapy lasts for 60-120 minutes.

Foot Massage with Scrubs can be used to rejuvenate the feet, enhance their look and feel and relieve pressure and pain.

Therapy starts at Rs.3490 for 75 mins
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