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Sukho Thai’s Philosophy – Forgiveness, Gratitude and Positive Attitude

Sukho Thai – the Traditional Thai foot spa has been soothing the mind body and souls of its fellow patrons and guests from the past 4 years now. With varying foot therapies and their ever-lasting effects, the spa continues to be a favourite amongst celebrities and corporates alike.

Through our massages we not only help erase all toxins from the feet and the body we also use these therapies as a medium to wash off all negativity from our mind, body and soul.

Modelled on the philosophy of Forgiveness, gratitude and positive attitude, the spa looks at everything with an aura of positivity, whether it’s their competitors being healthy partners, the therapists or the customers for that matter.

Apart from kneading and stretching your foot muscles to relieving you of all your stress and woes, Sukho Thai also caters to the five sensory organs in our body.

Sight: Sukho Thai’s interiors have been done in a way so as to create an appealing and tranquil environment for the guests enabling them to feel a sense of calm in their eyes with the visual appearance alone.

Touch: The therapists are trained to work wonders on your feet, massaging the right pressure points, alleviating knots allowing for complete detoxification of the mind, body and soul.

Hearing: Sukho Thai spas are made up of studio-grade walls that are sound proof in nature including the soothing sound of tinkling water of the fountain and the music are enough to calm your hearing.

Smell: All Sukho Thai spa outlets are filled with a breath-taking aromas that invigorates your senses taking you to a place of peace and tranquility.

Taste: After every massage our guests are served a bowl of fruit and a cup of ginger tea to tickle and clean your taste buds.