SukhoThai Chowpatty

Address : Next to Happy House Kitchen, Babulnath, Malabar Hill, Mumbai – 400006

Telephone : 022 236 77 236

  • Elegant Ambience to give you world class experience
  • Soothing Music to cool down your nerves
  • Aromatic environment
  • Exoctic Fruits served post the therapy
  • Velvet Blanket
  • Comfortable and Soft trousers

Attraction Near SukhoThai Chowpatty

Situated on a small hillock near Girgaum Chowpatty, Babulnath is one of ancient Shiva temples in the city. Shiva in the form of the Lord of the Babul tree is the main deity in this temple. On the occasion of Mahashivratri festival the temples is visited by lakhs of devotees.
Girgaon Chowpatty, commonly known as Chowpatty  is one of the best known beaches adjoining Marine Drive in the Girgaon area of South Mumbai. The beach is famous for its Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and the local delicacies.
Banganga Tank also famously known as the Banganga is an ancient water tank which is part of the Walkeshwar Temple in Malabar Hill area of Mumbai in India. Apart from being a spiritual and  cultural hub, Banganga tank has provided inspiration to many artists, covered in many movies or on canvas.

About Sukhothai Spa

Established in 2010, Sukho Thai is India's premier Foot Therapy brand inspired from the deeply rooted cultures of Thailand. The seemingly small nation has a great culture and is home to exotic fruits and flowers. The word ‘Sukho’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukh’ which connotes happiness and ‘Thai’ reflects its innate bond with Thailand. With over 21 SukhoThai Spanning across Mumbai ,Pune ,Goa ,Bengaluru and Kathmandu. Sukho Thai is the first international foot massages spa chain to open a series of outlets in India.