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A quick trip to Thailand by Blogger Sayanti Banerjee of WOW DETECTOR

While most of us focus on taking care of our face, pampering the feet is equally important. We are constantly on our toes, so the entire weight of our body is always putting pressure on our legs and feet no matter how heavy or light we weigh. As a hugely popular wellness therapy, Thai spas are believed to be working their wonders since ancient times. Of course there are a few truths and myths about them…

To begin with, you need not take a trip to Thailand anymore… simply put your feet up at a good Thai Spa to enjoy the same pampering.

experience at Sukhu

My experience at SukhoThai spa:

As I workout often, there was muscle fatigue which I did not address earlier. The massage felt like dynamic yoga as the therapist worked on every muscle of my feet, legs, back and neck for an hour.

There was soothing smell of camphor and herbs in the background that lulled me to sleep. Also, I could feel that my bones were making a crackling sound but the experience was relaxing and rejuvenating at the end of it.

Truths & Myths about the therapy:


First the TRUTHS:

  • Most of the important nerve endings of our body are embedded in the soles of the feet. So, stimulating them ensures better blood circulation.
  • A quick foot massage can rejuvenate the whole body instantly. In fact, if you are looking at a complete de-stress ritual, follow it up with a back massage too.
  • The lymphatic drainage will detox your system.
    • & the MYTHS:

      • While a Thai foot massage can improve your metabolism, it cannot substitute for what exercise and good diet does to your body.
      • You will feel relaxed after a good foot and back massage that will ensure good sleep. But you still need to hit the bed at a decent hour and avoid too much caffeine or LED lights interfering with your sleep cycle.
      • The massage will stimulate the acupuncture points and help to lower your blood pressure levels. You still need to meditate and be calm and composed in order to prolong the benefits.

      WoW Meter

      Since my body felt more flexible and light weight post the session, I found it WoW!!!