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Knot a problem by Blogger Sasha of The Ardour

After a long week of grueling workouts, and hours in front of the computer, the only thing that perks me up is usually a massage. I love massages; I could go for one weekly, and still never get tired of the whole routine. I usually opt for deep tissue massages, to really work those kinks out, or a hot stone here and there.

This week, I tried something completely different, which opened up a new avenue of massage possibilities for me.

I went to Sukho Thai, in Turner Road, Mumbai, for the 90 minutes massage, which is a 45-minute foot massage, followed by a dry head, back, and shoulder massage for another 45 minutes.

The concept of Sukho Thai is fabulous; I have never experienced anything like it. It’s super dark, and there are thin dividers in between the massage chairs, you can still see everyone – unlike other spas, where you usually have your own room. Right from when you enter, they try to get you to relax completely.

They whisk your shoes away, and hand you their own. They lead you to the changing room, and instead of the plastic underwear so synonymous with spas, they give you loose cotton trousers, which are breathable, lightweight, and all I ever want to sleep in, and a loose shirt, which are sourced from Thailand, and especially designed for this experience.

Your therapist then leads you to your chair, where you experience 45 minutes of complete, unadulterated bliss. The foot massage includes liberal use of balms and oils, which the therapists rub into your skin, and then your legs (up to your knee) and wrapped into towels, to allow the balms to soak in and do their job.

What follows, is a fabulous, fabulous Thai massage for the back head and shoulder. This is a dry massage, which means no oil or cream is used, but it is the most relaxing thing ever, as they use a combination of pressure and stretches to relieve you of any pain, and to get the knots out.

At the end of the 90 minutes, during which I succumbed to a couple of naps, I was revitalized and ready to wear my highest heels! But the pampering isn’t over; they give you a delicious fruit platter, with the freshest, sweetest fruits (hello, watermelon), and some spicy ginger tea!