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“Love is… taking massages together. Looking super hot and cute together, TV’s rocking couple Gurmeet Choudhary & Debina Bonnerjee visited SukhoThai today.

This much-in-love couple asked for details about the fabulous massages on offer, and finally excitedly chose to enjoy a Balinese Massage With Scrub.

Feeling completely refreshed after the amazing massage. So impressed and happy were they with the relaxing SukhoThai massage experience, that they then invested in SukhoThai’s Lifetime Membership Card.

Cheers to this couple’s great health ‘n’ happiness goals.


“Cute, talented and successful, TV actress Megha Gupta arrived well in time for her 90-minute foot massage at SukhoThai. Looking pretty in pink, she sat back and allowed our skilled therapist to take charge.

After her super relaxing foot massage, while she sipped on the ginger tea served by SukhoThai because it helps flush out toxins after a massage, she happily shared that she was feeling totally calm yet super charged!

That’s the power of an amazing SukhoThai foot massage.

And that’s why… People Visit Us Again & Again & Again!”


Singer Aasa Singh highly recommends SukhoThai’s much-needed massage therapy! Think music; Think Aasa Singh!. This popular soulful singer breezed into SukhoThai, Versova, for a Balinese Massage With Scrub.

Our specialised massage therapist realised that Aasa’s muscles were aching. So, she paid special attention to massaging out the soreness from his body. Once the massage and scrub treatment were done, Aasa happily shared: “The experience was too peaceful and relaxing. All my stiff muscles have relaxed now.

This was my first time here, but now I’m gonna be SukhoThai’s regular customer!”


TV star Gaurav Wadhwa shares his “amazing experience at SukhoThai!” TV’s hot stepper Gaurav Wadhwa stepped into SukhoThai yesterday for a Swedish Body Massage.

Thanks to several successful TV shows, Gaurav’s work schedule is super hectic!Hence, he desperately needed a break and came to SukhoThai to get into deep relaxation mode. And SukhoThai’s massage therapist gave him a massage that relaxed him completely.

While eating the exotic fresh fruits served at SukhoThai after a massage, Gaurav smiled and said he was definitely coming back for more massages within the week!


Singer and reality TV star Jasleen Matharu on visiting her “happy place – SukhoThai!”. Hot ‘n’ bubbly, Jasleen Matharu is a regular guest at SukhoThai’s Versova spa.

Having built a close bond with her specialised massage therapist, Jasleen loves SukhoThai’s relaxing massages. Recently, she brought her father along to experience SukhoThai, because he used to wonder why she kept visiting SukhoThai so often.

Once he experienced an amazing massage at SukhoThai, he understood why his daughter loves the place so much! You too visit SukhoThai and experience the power of well-being!


The Loving couple Karan Mehra & Nisha rawal visited SukhoThai @Versova. Karan & Nisha are Indian television actors , karan is also known as a fashion designer. He played a Lead role in Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai.

They are proud parents to their first baby boy on June 14, 2017, As responsible parents, they were very busy in taking care of the child. After so long they decided to pamper themself and they chose SukhoThai. Team SukhoThai loved to pamper them and their experience was "astonishing".

Nisha's special message for every mom to take a break from routine and do something for themself. visit SukhoThai and feel the joy.


Dalljiet kaur, the super talented actress visited SukhoThai @Versova !!!

Dalljiet kaur , the Indian television actress visited SukhoThai last week, Dalljiet was very occupied by back to back shoots, and As she eagerly needed a relaxation.....n peace of mind, a quiet sleep she decided to visit SukhoThai to pamper herself....she took the Balinese with Scrub Therapy as usual SukhoThai never fail to astonish the guests.

SukhoThai believes, "The hidden secret of a successful life is health". SukhoThai mission is to make the more awareness about our health. The Happy guests of SukhoThai..


RJ Abhimanyu’s dream visit @ SukhoThai, Versova!

Thanks to his deep and charming voice, Abhimanyu, the super cool RJ, has an endless number of fans falling in love with him!

Last week, he visited SukhoThai and opted for a full body massage. His beautiful wife accompanied him... They were very happy to spend precious moments together, amidst the super quiet and lovely ambience of SukhoThai.

They indulged in SukhoThai’s signature Couple’s Massage. This amazing experience not only relaxed them totally, but also helped them achieve some fabulous couple goals

DJ Akhil

Very handsome, cheerful and enthusiastic person, DJ Akhil visited SukhoThai @Powai.

As we all know "DJ plays a very important role in our party anthems". And In SukhoThai you will get the combination of music and massage.

Music has the ability to motivate us throughout the day. Massage can a make you feel alive with the super freshness. This combination can make 'ur' best day DJ Akhil visited SukhoThai to changes his mood and enjoy the relaxation with Balinesese body massage along with hot stone therapy.