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What are the benefits of Body Massage?

In this world full of worries and stress, there are many aspects of our life which cause distress. The worldly activities like relationships, office, work, partying even chilling out with friends causes some kind of worries. It not only strains our muscles but also on our mind which ultimately results in fatigue.

Why Body Massages is an essential for your skin?

The skin is the most jewelled possession of a women’s body. It is probably treated as a different entity all together. She is caressed and taken care of like a baby. A spotless skin only adds joy to a woman’s day. A little zit puts her in a fuss to cover it up.

Why You Should Visit Sukho Thai Spa ?

Living in the 21st century is no walk in the park. It is the ultimate test in achieving the right balance between work and rest. Our priorities get mixed up and we end up stressed with hardly any time to unwind. Long working hours and a busy lifestyle give way to bad-eating habits which in turn negatively affects our health.

Benefits of Sukho Thai Spa Therapies

Our feet are home to around 7000 nerves which are connected to various parts all around the body. Rejuvenation becomes possible when these nerves are activated and stimulated. The pressure points found on the feet act as a passageway for healing the biological framework.

Enjoy the winter of Pune with a soothing Thai Foot Massage

Winters in Pune make you crave for warmth. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, piling on the blankets and diving into your favorite book or a movie is the obvious choice for many. But while you are at it, you are missing out on a lot. Your body might need a warm, refreshing escape and that’s where Sukho Thai steps in. It presents to you an extravagant array of amazing Thai Foot Massages, just perfect for cold and dry winters.